Hello all!

Since the best way to begin a conversation with someone new is to introduce yourself, that is what I will do here. I am B. Pine, and I am the author of a fantasy series titled The Draca Wards Saga. The first book, Familiar Origins, was picked up by Silver Leaf Books and is now available. The official release date is May 2011, but it is available right now on Kindle, and as a pre-order.

In order to break the ice, many seminars and workshops would have each member of the group state a few interesting facts about themselves. It always seems to work, so I will pick up on that and list five things about me that I think are interesting:

1. I am a left-handed Capricorn. (Look up other left-handed Capricorns; many of them are quite famous. He,he!)
2. My oldest child was born in England.
3. My youngest was born on Halloween.
4. I love Boxers (the dog, not the shorts)
5. I skipped kindergarten and was placed straight into first grade.

The Draca Wards Saga is my main project at the moment. You can find out more about it here: www.dracawards.com

I like putting images in my posts. So here’s one. This is the map of my world:

Click here to read a few interviews: Familiar Origins Tales of the Council of Elders

That’s all I have for now. But I hope to have more for you all soon.



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  1. Hey awesome blog, I’m subscribing for sure. Keep posting!

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